Year 1 Overview

Year 1

In Year 1, our curriculum and learning opportunities build on your experiences from Reception. We understand that it can feel like a big jump transitioning from an Early Year setting to a more traditional style school setting in Year 1 so we ensure that opportunities are embedded throughout the curriculum to allow children to explore and actively think.  The learning becomes more formal and your prior learning experiences will help you to continue to be motivated and enthusiastic learners. Your time in Year 1 will see you developing your reading and writing skills through daily phonics and English lessons and number skills through daily mathematics lessons: this will underpin your learning across all subjects.


In the autumn term, Year 1 children have the opportunity to learn all about their school - both the history of it as well as developing their geographical understanding of the location around them and their sense of direction.  This is also the year where children begin their very special journey in computing identifying ways in which to get started on laptops and their very first experience of programming using the Beebots.


During the spring term, children have the opportunity to explore the Isle of Skye - learning about what lie is like on an island including the opportunity to explore human and physical features.  Within history, children will learn about caring people: this topic will teach children all about a range of people from the past who cared for others and how they have influenced our lives today.  Children will take their very first steps into investigating materials and being scientists by carrying out investigations to compare materials. 


At the end of their Year 1 journey, children explore and develop their knowledge about the United Kingdom, comparing and contrasting human and physical features as well as developing their understanding of the weather.  Children also have the chance to develop their history skills by learning about kings and queens during different periods of history and begin to explore what other religions, other than Christianity believe and follow. 

Autumn 2 - Designing and Making Gruffalo Crumble through instructions

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