Year 3 Overview

Year 3

The transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 is a big, but exciting one! You will continue to practice key skills and embed our Learning Bees and Christian Values throughout all of your learning opportunities. Year 3 is a very important year, your first within KS2, and the year where you continue to develop skills in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science. You will not only consolidate your prior learning but also learn new skills to embed and this will underpin your learning across all subjects. Year 3 is also the first year that the children will begin their journey into the world of France and the French language through Modern Foreign Languages lessons.


In autumn, learn all about the history of the local area and identify the area within our country, focusing on human and physical features as well as exploring and sketching maps to show key landmarks within our local area.  Children will also immerse their selves into their learning on Wolverhampton by designing and making their very own treasure box: the box will be used as a time capsule that will be buried on our own school grounds to commemorate Wolverhampton as it is now for other people in the future to discover!


The spring term will take children on a journey through WW2.  They will learn what life was like for children during the war as well as understanding who the allies and axis were.  Leading from this, children will have the chance to explore countries within Europe that took part in the war and even design sew and make their own teddy as if they were a child evacuee!


The last term of Year 3 begins with learning all about the Vikings – what an exciting way to start!  Children will learn all about their way of living, compare their living conditions to ours today and also create timelines to identify changes that have been made.  A chance to plan and carry out investigations during science will be available throughout the whole of Year 3 and children will be able to investigate and test different types of magnets and their strength during the summer term.

Summer 1

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