Year 4 Overview

Year 4

Year 4 will be epic, action-packed and filled with fantastic learning opportunities and experiences. Educational visits, class assemblies and even  beginning to write in pen when you earn that special, coveted pen licence! All of this, as well as a curriculum bursting with amazing learning opportunities in all curriculum areas, means that your time in Year 4 will most definitely be remarkable!  This year will provide you with all the skills you need ready to make the leap into Upper Key Stage Two and will give you the opportunity to take on more roles and responsibilities around school including librarians and play leaders.  Year 4 will be an unforgettable year at school, where learning will always be remembered. 


The autumn term in Year 4 begins with learning all about The Tudors where children have the opportunity to identify significant figures from this historical period and understand their influence on our lives today – children even have the chance to extend their learning out of the classroom and take a visit to Moseley Old Hall. To immerse the children in the Tudor times even more so, they will explore the art work of Hans Holbein who was appointed a court painter during the Tudor times. 


Let’s learn about all things Roman! Children will have the opportunity to understand more about the Roman Empire and its widespread influence as well as exploring and anlysing natural disasters in geography within the countries that the Romans invaded.  Making Roman pottery is a highlight of the term where children will learn all about the patterns and mosaics used in Roman times and apply these to their very own pottery pieces!


The final term in lower key stage two takes the children on a journey through Stone Age to Iron Age, and its importance within the ancient civilization.  Within geography, children will gain a good understanding of North America, exploring key physical features.  The summer term is also the year that the children have the chance to go swimming – don’t forget your costumes/shorts and towels! 


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