Year 5 Overview

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!  You are about to commence the first year in Upper Key Stage 2 in your primary school journey at St Alban’s. In Year 5, you will be embarking on some amazing learning opportunities, which will spark excitement and prepare you for your last two years in primary school.  Year 5 is all about growing, maturing and taking on roles and responsibilities around school as well as embedding and developing your knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum.  Awaiting you is the responsibility of taking on many jobs: librarians, play leaders and prefects are just some of the roles you may take on to show off what a responsible pupil you are! All of this means that your learning experience in year 5 will give you memories that will last a lifetime!


The first term in Year 5 begins with a history topic where children will learn all about the history of their city - Wolverhampton; considering development of their local city from its founding in Anglo Saxon times, becoming a market town through to its city status today. Geography in autumn allows children to carry investigations around the formation of mountains. Learning about properties of changing materials, including reversible and irreversible changes, will support children within their Design and Technology lessons when making food for a historical street party!


Not only is the spring term the time that Year 5 have the chance to go swimming, it is also the time they get to develop their knowledge and understanding on the Ancient Greeks! An exciting topic awaits where children will learn about the influence the Ancient Greeks had on our lives today, including the Ancient Olympics and the warfare between Athens and Sparta.  Bringing the children back into 2020, they will have the opportunity to research, design, make and evaluate their very own iPad case – could they see their iPad cases being used around school?


The last term in Year 5 is a truly exciting one where children have the chance to learn all about Earth and Space! What an adventure! They will explore the planets and solar system as well as learning about the phases of the moon.  The last history topic of the year will allow children to learn all about migration - identifying some of the key causes of migration to Britain and comparing these causes over time allowing them to find areas of similarity and differences. 


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