Year 6 Overview

Year 6

The final year at St Alban’s is a year you will not forget! Packed with fabulous learning opportunities and experiences, you will be provided with all the skills you need to prepare you for life in secondary school.  From the end of year residential, to leavers assemblies (in school and in the church), as well as a curriculum that is bursting with fantastic learning opportunities such as dissecting hearts in science and exploring the fabulous world of Harry Potter in English. Amongst all of this, you are also given important responsibilities within school such as prefects, house captains, play leaders, even getting to sit on the benches during worship time, all while taking on the job of being the role models for the whole school. 

Not only does the term start with swimming lessons, but the first term in Year 6 gives the children the chance to explore the ancient civilization of the Egyptians: understanding their ways of life, rituals and influences they had on our lives today.  Children also have the opportunity to explore rivers and coasts and carry out their very own field study to understand more about the origins of rivers. 

The Victorians is an amazing topic where children learn what life was like for a child during the Victorian times and compare and contrast it to their own today.  Within geography, children have the chance to explore the increasing connections between places and people across the planet, taking into account their knowledge around trade, culture, technology and transport.

The last term of Year 6, and final term in primary school, is full of exciting opportunities include learning about the ancient civilization of the Maya community, exploring North and South America and even designing and making bowls of pasta!  Not only is the term jam packed with fabulous learning opportunities, but it is also the time where Year 6 create and perform their very own leavers assembly – I hope you have prepared some tissues parents and carers! 

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