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At St Alban's we currently work with our Manor Multi Academy Board of Directors. We will be working toward a local governing body in the future but at this moment in time the School is working exceptionally hard to make lot's of positive changes. The Directors bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience are very committed to helping make these changes with the School. 

The Local Governing Body was established in in April 2020:

David Grewer - Leadership & Management Consultant in Education Settings
Chair of Governors
Appointed: 20 April 2020

Key Areas: Safeguarding

Anita Cliff – CEO Manor MAT, OBE; B.Ed; M.Ed. NLE
Appointed: April 2020
Anita has been a Headteacher for 20 years and is a National Leader of Education.
Anita has worked with many special measures schools and RI schools over the past 15 years and has a proven track record of supporting them out of these categoriesAnita has led Manor Primary School rapidly improving it and sustaining it as being one of the best performing schools in the country.
Key Areas: School Improvement

Elliott Hateley - Executive Leader, Manor MAT, LLE
Appointed April 2020

Darren Jones - Head of School
Appointed April 2020

Hannah Abbiss – Assistant Headteacher
Appointed September 2020

Anthony Dibble – Ofsted Inspector and University Lecturer
Appointed April 2020
Anthony has trained teachers for more than 20 years, previously he was a teacher in a secondary school.
Key Areas: Teaching & Learning, Leadership & Management

Reverend Tom Fish - Parish Priest
Appointed April 2020
Key Areas:  Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. Christian distinctiveness

Joanne Peel - Parent Governor
Appointed June 2020

Samantha Crosby - Parent Governor

Appointed June 2020

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