The teaching and learning of History at St Alban's aims to foster a genuine interest and instill a life-long passion for History.  The teaching of history at our schools gives children the opportunity to learn about history within our local area, and the surrounding areas, as well as equipping children with the knowledge and understanding of significant historical eras such as:

With our curriculum, opportunities are planned to develop the skills that are specific to History that can be developed through the use of first-hand experiences such as enrichment, educational visits, visitors, handling artefacts, examining a range of sources, storytelling, role play and drama.  Children learn and understand the history of a range of eras as a coherent, chronological narrative, identifying where these fit within other eras that they have learnt about, as well as learning how people’s lives have shaped this nation and influenced our country today. 

Pupils are encouraged to ask perceptive questions when examining sources and to think critically about historical sources, considering the reliability and connections  they can make from prior learning.  

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