At St Alban’s C of E Academy we believe that each child should be exposed to a broad and rich music curriculum throughout their whole school journey and music underpins many of our other curriculum areas. We believe that music is a unique way of communicating that can inspire and motivate children through opportunities for personal expression and that it can reflect the culture and society we live in.  Through out teaching of music, we enable children to better understand the world we live in now and the history behind some of the music around them and also gives them the opportunity to explore their community and then the wider world.  We believe that music enriches the lives of children so we encourage them to partake in a number of musical experiences such as the school choir, singing and whole school worships, Christmas Carol Concerts and class assemblies. The musical showcase of children’s skills learnt from across the year is certainly an amazing expression of just how much the children love music and how it enriches their daily lives.   

All children have the opportunity to learn and develop the following skills:   

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