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Wellbeing Programme - September 2020 Return

On return in September 2020, we were very aware of the importance of wellbeing – for our children, their families and our staff.  We created a tailored wellbeing programme that supported our children through at least two opportunities a week, which identified and focused on a range of progressive themes. 

Health and Wellbeing (H&W)                   Relationships (R)               Living in the Wider World (LWW)

Community and Belonging

Moving on from this, we know that the children in our care will each have had unique experiences of and responses to the events of 2020. This has been a year of significant world events, disrupting and changing the ways of life of people across the globe. The second focused unit enables us to support the children in our school community to re-connect with each other and re-engage with school life.  The below unit supports our children to engage in reflections around some of the thoughts, feelings and responses arising from the disruption caused the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The unit also provides opportunities for children to use writing for a range of purposes,
supporting our recovery curriculum within the wider curriculum,
including personal responses as well as shared reading and meaning-making.

 The aim is to: 
Provide a framework for children to re-engage socially with each other and their wider community
Suggest opportunities to engage positively with the outdoor environment
Stimulate thinking and talk about world events and the impact of these events on individuals and the wider world
Provide a safe forum to share thoughts, concerns, ideas and personal responses
Use art and writing to help children respond personally to experiences they have had

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