At St Alban's, we work very hard on supporting our children's mental health and wellbeing, and fully realise the mental health and well-being of each and every child. We want our children to feel safe at school just as they do at home, and encompass this in all that we do in life at St Alban's - just as if we are one big family! In this section, you will find a few useful supporting documents to help as a guide for the importance of keeping our children's minds healthy. 

The leaflet linked below was created alongside the Talking Mental Health Animation & Toolkit.  It demonstrates how parents and carers can help children express their feelings, respond appropriately, and prevent small problems from snowballing into bigger ones.

Advice for parents and carers of primary school pupils | Talking mental health primary school | Anna Freud Centre

Supporting Wellbeing during COVID-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we're all feeling less secure and missing our usual routines. But just as doing exercise improves physical health, you and your child can do activities to boost their mental health at home whilst they are away from their normal school routines. Please follow the links below (Boost Your Child's Wellbeing) to find activities you can use at home.  These activities have been designed by "Partnership for Children" who promote good mental health for children - for life.

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